F. Reede

What do you get when you bring an army vet, a degenerate partier and a bunch of lady’s of the night together…you get a lot of action, chaos…and Varied Traits! What I found most interesting about this book went far beyond the plot and story as the author Patrick Brown brought these characters to life in a way that few manage to do in their first turn in writing. I was wholly captivated by the characters as I found my self drawn in to their lives as one would an old friend or a family member. Though when we are first introduced to these characters we might not find the depth that is later introduced as the story progresses.

My favorite character was Salem (what a great name). He is an Army vet that has experienced some situations in his life that can bring the strongest man to his knees. I loved the strength he showed even in moments of great vulnerability. His story intertwines with another of my favorite characters, Sarah, as I enjoyed watching their particular story unfold.

There are some seedy and gripping situations to look forward to as well. The plot and action of the story is well developed and will give you a sense that you are being pulled forward into something that you know isn’t gonna be something you want to see, but can’t turn away! All in all I have to say that this is a fantastic read and I look forward to seeing what Patrick Brown comes out with next.